Hello Mass Tourism!

In this project we contribute to the increasing body of knowledge on mass tourism and specifically to the literatures focusing on local governance aimed to tackle the perceived problems caused by tourism. We aim to deepen the understanding of tourismand the possibilities and limits to coordinate, regulate, steer and control it in urban governance by answering the following questions:

  1. What is the public support for the increasing presence of tourists and tourism as a growing sector? By answering this question, we aim to map the increasing tensions between different stakeholders in and over places.
  2. How is tourism as a problem defined, by whom and why? Who is responsible for the agenda setting of tourism as a problem? How is tourism problematised? Is it really only mass tourism that is the problem? What are the reality effects of these problem framings? To answer these questions, we analyse the consequences of different problem framings about the way the tourism is dealt with in urban governance.
  3. Which attempts are taken to influence tourism and are these attempts successful? How is mass tourism coordinated, regulated, steered and controlled by governments, companies, citizens and NGOs?
  4. How does mass tourism materialise in places, spaces and landscapes? What are the social and spatial consequences of the presence of tourists/tourism? Using research by design we try to envision alternative scenarios, visions and solutions.


Project coordinators: Martijn Duineveld and Ko Koens  

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