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Martijn Duineveld (Project coordinator) |

Martijn Duineveld is Associate professor at the Cultural Geography Group Wageningen University. His research programme is named Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning and Design. He is co-founder and active contributor to the emerging body of literature on Evolutionary Governance Theory. Martijn has been involved in many international research and consultancy projects situated in Argentina, Uganda, Georgia and Russia. He also studies urban fringes and cities in the Netherlands (The Bulb region (2005-2010), Groningen (2010-2012) and Arnhem (2013-2018). In these cases, he explores the power interplays between local politicians, planners, designers, project developers and citizens.

Ko Koens (Project coordinator) |

Dr. Ko Koens is a Lecturer at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. He has published in academic journals and is editor of the books “Slum Tourism: Poverty, Power and Ethics” and “Tourism and Geographies of Inequality: The New Global Slumming Phenomenon”. His main research interests are slum tourism, urban tourism and hospitality as well as other forms of sustainable, responsible and eco-tourism in Europe, Latin America and Africa, with a specific, with a specific focus on small businesses and entrepreneurship.

Swen Waterreus |

Sven is a consultant and researcher on sustainable tourism development with a strong belief in the connecting power of tourism and a special attention on the link of tourism with local development and natural resources preservation in the broadest sense of the word. Sven current research focusses on the attempts, possibilities and limits to steer, coordinate and regulate tourism in Amsterdam

Laura van Wylick |

Laura is a Master Student Tourism, Leisure and Environment, Wageningen University. Laura writes her thesis about the different local discourses, practices and powers that shape one of Amsterdam’s tourist hotspots: de Damstraat

Tom Jakobs |

Tom is a Master Student Tourism, Leisure and Environment, Wageningen University. Tom Jacobs is studying the different tourism governmentalities present in the Amsterdam municipality. He analyses the different problem perceptions and envisions solutions related to tourism in Amsterdam

Ruben Jonker |

Ruben Master student Spatial Planning, Wageningen University. Ruben Jonker aims to understand the roles urban design and objects play in limiting and steering the spatial behaviour of people. One of his case studies is the Amsterdam Museumplein, a square (or large open field) in the centre of Amsterdam which is used and appropriated very differently by a diverse variety of groups: tourists, local residents, elderly people, students, youngsters.



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